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Bike Performance Fit

‘Quantifying marginal gains’ Using the Apex bike fitting system

The Bike Performance Fit or Apex Bike fit system comprises of the bike fit and functional movement screening. This system is the most advanced, revolutionary bike fitting and cycle coaching system in the world.  

The Apex Bike Fit is the only bike fitting system on the market to quantify why one bike riders position is better or more efficient than another, as well as considering the rider’s neurological and biochemical function.

Designed, engineered and hand built in the UK, the APEX Bike is a true feat of engineering.

Level 1 : Apex Bike Performance Optimal Comfort Fit

The fitting is carried out on the revolutionary APEX bike fitting system.  

Cost:  £120

  • Current bike measured with geometry used as base reference point for fit

  • Interview to discuss cycling background and injury / medical history

  • Cleat position

  • Optimal riding position found using the APex bike

  • Seat height adjustment

  • Saddle, Stem and brake lever

  • Saddle to handlebar reach

  • Measurements recorded and set up on bike

  • 6 week follow up appointment

Level 2 : Apex Bike Performance Optimal Power Fit

Cost:  £195.00

  • Interview covering cycling history, cycling aspirations and injury / medical history

  • Apex Functional Movement Assessment (AFMA) 6 point test to find bio-mechanical fingerprint

  • Current bike measured with geometry used as a base reference point for fit

  • Optimum riding position found

  • Cleat positioning and knee alignment

  • Power output / cadence / HR monitored

  • Re-test after 8 weeks to check improved performance / strength / flexibility

  • Measurements recorded and set up on one additional bike

  • Provide training programme to address any weaknesses found

Ramp Test:

Sitting on the Apex, pedalling, a set cadence resistance is gradually increased to establish maximum effort.  It is important to establish your max. heart rate and improve threshold training.  Cost: £60 or £40 bolt on to custom fit.

"Hi Simon, I am delighted with the improvement! Last week I cycled a 30km circuit that I do quite regularly over 2 minutes quicker than my previous best time and I wasn’t going flat out. I also did a 3 hour ride in the Surrey Hills yesterday and felt comfortable all the way round. And the stiffness/muscle cramp in my right shoulder is much better –  a result of an improved riding position. So thank you very much!"

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